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Judyswag's Clip-on Stitch Markers have been featured in "Crochet Today!" magazine!

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September/October 09 | crochet today

Judyswag markers are on page 9 in the "We Love It" section and are followed by the Q&A section on page 11, which explains how to use stitch markers for crochet.


You can find Judyswag at the following stores:

Bobbin's Nest Studio
1171 Homestead Road, Suite 130
Santa Clara, California 95050
The Net Loft
140 Adams Street
Cordova, Alaska 99574
FUTURE Vanity/Novelty
5405 College Avenue
Oakland, California 94618

Click here to browse and purchase items at the Judyswag Etsy shop.

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  • Shop owners:
    Judyswag stitch markers and other unique items to make your needlecraft projects a success can be made available in your shop or in your favorite Local Yarn Store. Contact Judy by Email to get details on wholesale or consignment terms.

  • Customers:
    Does your Local Yarn Store know about Judyswag yet? Contact Judy at judyswag@gmail.com to find out how you can earn free stitch marker samples and other handmade goodies through our LYS referral program.

Judyswag Photo Galleries:
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Wine Glass Charms


Adornada Accessories


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A branch of Judyswag is now open for business on Etsy.
Visit the "Adornada" shop for a variety of fancy handmade accessories.

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